Eeeew! What's that smell? It's the Pee-ew starring Michael Alig and Ernie Glam.

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The Pee- ew #345 

A lost episode of Michael Alig, Ernie Glam and Keoki discussing double penetration. Plus Rebecca Walton discusses the global warming crisis. Yes, it's real!

The Pee- ew #346

Recently discovered footage of Michael Alig's and Ernie Glam's day at the set of Vamp Bikers Tres, where they hung out with Keoki and Michael Musto.

The Pee- ew #347 

The guys discuss a cell phone that went missing from a party at Ernie's house. 

The Pee- ew #348

The "last" Western Union telegram, Cher concert and Hostess Twinkie.

The Pee- ew #341

Ernie and Michael discuss a stress free Christmas dinner. They also discuss who's hotter: Macaulay Culkin or Michael Alig.


The Pee- ew #342

New research on the benefits of ketamine in preventing suicide. They also discuss DJ Keoki.

The Pee- ew #343

In this lost episode from Yotel Michael Alig and Ernie Glam discuss commercial tones and jingles and their lasting impressions on the consumer mind.

The Pee- ew #344

The guys welcome Peau de Soie, who visited them at Yotel before they all went out to The Diamond Horseshoe.

The Pee- ew #337

Michael Alig and Ernie Glam welcome Gerry Visco, who appears in the move Vamp Bikers Tres.

The Pee- ew #338

The guys welcome actor Lillo Brancato, who was on the set of Vamp Bikers Tres. They discuss Lillo's Limelight memories from the 1990s.

The pee- ew  #339

The Pee-ew visits The Black Rose and they discuss John Stamos' buns and the wallpaper scandal at the former Limelight nightclub.

The Pee- ew #340

Model Bar Rafaeli's and Michael Alig's tax evasion.

The Pee- ew #333 

Rebecca makes an urgent request for a sex slave and Annarchy visits with Michael Alig and Ernie Glam.

The Pee- ew #334

The guys make an urgent appeal for unwanted penises for soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Pee- ew #336 

Ernie and Michael welcome DJ Keoki, who performs a scary HIV rap then he breaks it down.

The Pee- ew #335 

The nontraditional uses of cough syrup.

The Pee- ew #329

An online bullshit generator that simulates Deepak Chopra. Plus the Annie Leibowitz calendar and nightclubs' dress codes.

The Pee- ew #330

The guys discuss how men in prison are obsessed with enlarging their penises. They also discuss the technological singularity and the club kids' horror-gore influences.

The Pee- ew #331

Trap hop and trap queens and why they can never be trap. They also discuss how they assembled their looks in the 1990s.

The Pee- ew #332

  Michael and Ernie discuss their wild SantaCon adventure.

The Pee- ew #325

 Donald Trump's fear of strapping, young Syrian male refugees. They also discuss Marie Osmond's commercials.

The Pee- ew #326

Unsexy male habits and the comedian Sarah Silverman.

The Pee- ew #327

Michael Alig and Ernie Glam continue their homeless Christmas episodes at Yotel near Times Square. They discuss their bucket lists and give an update on their search for a new residency for The Pee-ew.

The Pee- ew #328

Quotes from the Party Monster movie and whether they were said in real life by James St. James or Michael.

The Pee- ew #321

Michael Alig and Ernie Glam welcome Duke, who discusses her manipulative, verbally terroristic greeting cards. They also discuss men tasting their semen and the former owner of the Limelight nightclub Peter Gatien.

The Pee- ew #322

Michael's attendance at an orgy. They also discuss all the bad things that happened to them the week Lovegun abruptly closed.

The Pee- ew #323

The guys  discuss which night of the week they should record The Pee-ew and the Urban Dictionary's definition of the term club kid. Plus, Rebecca Walton defines Skittles.

The Pee- ew #324

Gossip columnist Michael Musto's most shocking memories of Michael but how true are they. Plus Rebecca Walton issues an urgent hunger appeal.

The Pee- ew #317

 Michael and Ernie discuss the lousy prostitutes who blackmailed Charlie Sheen.

The Pee- ew #318

The guys perform pornstep, a mash up of dubstep and porn. They also discuss Tobell von Cartier's new cable access show and the drag queen Christina portrayed in the Party Monster movie.

The Pee- ew #319

 Laundry apps, why cocaine makes people poopy, organic food and the drag queen Bella Bolski.

The Pee- ew #320 

Sexy taxi drivers and how to get into nightclubs. Plus Chris Christopher performs. 

The Pee- ew #313

Planet Fitness makes you fat. Then Astro Erle pins a man bun on Michael, followed by a dance performance by Astro.


The Pee- ew #314 

Planet Fitness makes you fat. Then Astro Erle pins a man bun on Michael, followed by a dance performance by Astro.

The Pee- ew #315 

The guys discuss the X-Men, strange products in the Russian grocery and they use their co-host Hush as an American guinea pig. Plus messy drag lipstick tips from co-host Zalika Parsons.

The Pee- ew #316 

Growing up in sexually repressed and liberal places, Astro Erle's tongue kissing and Michael's upcoming horror movie appearance. Plus Chris Christopher performs and Rebecca Walton breaks down food additives.

The Pee- ew #309

Michael Alig tells Ernie Glam about his speaking engagement at a forum on solitary confinement and how he survived five years in solitary. They also discuss the McDonald's fight caught on a cell phone, the Uber driver Michael and friends jerked off and Rebecca Walton discusses what kind of man she prefers.

The Pee- ew #310 

The guys discuss what they wish they knew when they were 16. They also discuss how their teen bullies just wanted to have sex with them.

The Pee- ew #311

GQ magazine's spread on combat boots and Michael reads an excerpt from James St. James' Disco Bloodbath. They also discuss why Ernie didn't appear in the Party Monster film.

The Pee- ew #312 

When My Sorrow Died, a documentary about the former club kid Armen Ra and his theremin. They also discuss how bars and clubs don't let more than one person in bathroom stalls.

The Pee- ew #305 

The guys discuss sex with painted fingernails and they get a visit from the Pizza Rat.

The Pee- ew #306 

Michael and Ernie doubt Boy George's claim that he had sex with Prince. They also discuss the nightlife personality Diane Brill's YouTube show and they welcome back Sprite to discuss life at Hotel 17, including cleaning Amanda Lepore's room and procuring tricks for the hotel manager.

The Pee- ew #307 

The documentary Grey Gardens and their trip to the club Verboten to hang out with DJ Keoki

The Pee- ew #308 

Verbal mash-ups they call new words. They also discuss religion and how everyone got drugs during church in prison.

The Pee- ew #301

Michael and his friends jerked off an Uber driver. They also launch a Club Diva Relief Fund for Astro Erle, who got kicked out of his illegal squat by the police.

The Pee- ew #302 

The guys  discuss unpublished excerpts from James St. James' Disco Bloodbath book. They also discuss Caitlyn Jenner's trash.

The Pee- ew #303

Etiquette for the sex app Scruff and oversharing on it. They also talk about their former anxieties.


The Pee- ew #304 

Ernie and Michael discuss the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They also discuss comments that insult trans people and the fate of the other mascots at Disco 2000 that weren't as famous at Clara the Carefree Chicken.

The Pee- ew #297

Michael and Ernie discuss the new movie based on James St. James' book Freak Show. They also discuss the "Marilyn Munster" effect in which actors on TV shows since the 1960s have gotten more beautiful. They call it the Marilyn Munster effect, after the pretty girl in The Munsters.

The Pee- ew #298 

Vintage nightclub invites and how there are only seven themes in fiction.

The Pee- ew #299

The Gazelle Paulo documentary and Anita Sarko's death.

The Pee- ew #300

The guys welcome the paint performer Love Bailey and they discuss her art. Then they welcome Sprite, a regular at Disco 2000, Limelight and Michael's other parties in the early 1990s to discuss his photographs. They also discuss an article about the so-called death of nightlife in NYC and mannequins with overly skinny legs.

The Pee- ew #293 

 The guys discuss going a day without drama and then Michael shows the happy face he drew on his penis that got him suspended from Instagram.

The Pee- ew #294 

Condom cocktails and American Apparel's club kid outfits.

The Pee- ew #295

The story of the time Michael offered an editor a cup of his urine, the time Ernie shot Michael in the face with Michael's urine, getting kicked out of taxis and catcalling cute gay guys on the street. Chris Christopher also performs a song.


The Pee- ew #296