Welcome to SkroddleSquad!!


SkroddleSquad is an international online army dedicated to bringing together kooky, creative people interested in reshaping popular culture and taking over the world…one freak at a time. The lunatics run this asylum.

As directors of many parties including the infamous Disco 2000, Michael Alig and Christopher Comp promoted and cultivated trends that ended up on the runway, in movies, music and television.

Our goal is to form a community that connects artists, musicians, club kids, fashion victims, queens, queers and freaks in general with an eye for the bizarre, the breathtaking and the future.

·         SkroddleSquad City Blogs- Where should I be going tonight? Is my favorite artist in town? Is there a vogue ball at the American Legion tonight at 4 am? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then SkroddleSquad’s City Blogs are for you. We keep you updated on the latest in underground freak culture. Check in to find out where we’re hanging out or let us know about your cool event so we can join you.


·         SkroddleSquad Emergency Alert System- We are Legion! There are times when we may need to get together to make our voice heard. Sign up for SkroddleSquad Emergency Alert emails so we can remind you when it’s time to put on your platform boots and descend on your local Chik-fil-A for a gay make out session. Next Tuesday, we all might feel like emailing Fox News to let them know what we think of them, and let’s face it, it’s more fun to do things in a group… one big fat glob of kooky creativity and chutzpah!


·         SkroddleSquad Community Resources- Sometimes we need support from people who share our struggle. When the noise gets too loud, SkroddleSquad is committed to providing networking and community resources to people who need assistance. We believe that with the right support and empathy we do get better!

Let’s take our mind bending message to the next level.

SkroddleSquad is currently seeking hosts in major and not so major cities around the world. Send us an email telling us who you are, where you’re from, and why you should be the person to represent your area. Send Photos! Our city blogs will highlight hip, cool events across the world and we want YOU to be a part of the process!