Outrage Party
249, Eldridge ST
New York, NY


Thank You for your interest in my new party, Outrage! 

I am thrilled to collaborate with such a distinguished batch of artists, and I can't wait to see where it goes. The response so far has been overwhelming. The club itself seems full with 125 people, and so far I've received nearly that many messages from artists and other creative people, like yourself, interested in being part of this experiment.
Let's face it. NYC and it's night life, in general, hasn't been exactly memorable these past few years. My hope is to make Outrage one of those exihilarating, must-attend weekly parties that will have people talking twenty years from now about this being "the good old days." 

In order to achieve this, we are looking for people to fill the following positions:

1: Party Host: You're cool and eclectic art-type person who knows people who know people who know people. Invite people to the party.

2:Dj's: Keoki has been booking the music, right now we're using Dj's Grave and Whillyem. But we're looking for opening guest Dj's, it's always good to add a little different taste to the food. So if you think that's you, let us know! 

3: Performers, Go-Go Dancers, etc: This is the butch the brought you The Pee Drinker, Woody, The Dancing Amputee and Ida, The Texan Drag Queen who pulled a string of lit Christmas light from her ass, so lip-syncing to Whitney Houston ins't going to get you any brownie points at Outrage. Come correct, don't bother. 

4: Event Promoters: Like party hosts, but bringing in a more specific event, like friend's birthday, a party celebrating the opening of a local clothing store, and art exhibition, etc. 

5: Artists, painters, photographers, etc; For solo or group exhibitions. 

If you think you fit in any of these positions and wants to be part of our family, please feel free to leave us a message. 


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